If you’re looking for a photographer in Dingle area maybe you’re in the right place. I’m not based in Ireland but i’ve been there many times. i’m in love with this place more than any other places on earth and i really (really) want to shoot there, so if you like my style we definetly can work something together, at a very affordable price.
Below you can find my 2018 Best of, and HERE you can find my work.
Feel free to contact me using this form or check more about me through my Instagram feed or my facebook page.

Connemara wedding photographer.jpg
Connemara wedding photographer.png


Are the best for me! And if you’re worried about travel expenses over my fee just try to contact me, i’ll bet that’s even cheaper than you think.
I just need that you’re in love with each other, so i can tell your emotions with my pictures.

Connemara elopement photographer.jpg